Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'10 Holiday Gift Giving List :: #4

Ok… so I had a hard time picking just one item for la Naváa’s 4th gift featured in the ’10 Holiday Gift Giving List. I came across a sweet shop on Etsy a week or two ago and fell in love with the paintings I found.

As a little girl I LOVED woodland creatures, and populated my bedroom with little figurines and paintings. I even tried my hand at sketching; deer were my favorite, or at least my best attempt. But those days are long gone and I have moved on to other creations that I’m actually good at, jewelry in particular. I figure I should leave the drawing and sketching to the experts (I never even came close to mastering a paint brush).

But I can tell you that Terry, of Savage Babble has certainly mastered the fine art of painting. In one of her Etsy shop’s, SavageArtworks, Terry sells adorable animal paintings and prints.

If I had young ones, I would certainly love to populate their walls with these delightfully cute baby animals!

As you can see I couldn’t pick just one of these furry finds; it’s more of a compilation. And truly, a collection would be quite affordable.
I highly recommending checking out Terry’s shops for a unique gift for your loved one.
Six more gifts to list! Be sure to submit your suggestions for la Naváa’s

And don’t forget to let me know about your own creations too!

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