Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Valentines Treat

A Valetines Treat, originally uploaded by la Naváa.

• boxes for giving with ♥

Special treat boxes in my new Etsy shop "GivingwithLove" for Valentine's Day.

Ready to be filled with candies or other delectables.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January's Giveaway!

To kick off the new year, la Naváa will be giving away a free pair of earrings... of the winners choice! 

That's right, not just any pair of earrings, but the pair of your choosing.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to la Naváa's Jewelry Shop on Etsy
2. Take a peak at the earrings section
3. Find your favorites
4. Post a comment here or on Facebook indicating your favorite pair!
5. If you have more than one fav, leave another comment.


The winning pair of earrings will be drawn randomly on Jan 25th '11.  The winner's name will then be drawn randomly from the pool of people who chose the winning earrings as their favorite.

You'll have multiple chances to win, just remember to leave separate comments for each of your favorite pairs of earrings!

Much & Good Luck!

PS... I will message the winner after the contest for their mailing address.  Again, these are Free earrings, mailed to the winner Free of charge!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Garnet in Season

Something new this year from la Naváa is Birthstone jewelry.

January’s birthstone is the Garnet (Garnet also designated for the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary). Some believe the word Garnet originated with the Latin granatum malum which means pomegranate. Fitting, huh?

While Garnets can be found in an array of colors, I decided to stay customary with my gem choices for my January Birthstone Line.

To open the line, I continued my Crandipity Collection. In addition to the original Crandipity Drop Necklace featuring cascading Garnet coins, I created a Signature piece. This will be a design style that you will see from la Naváa again in the future with other gems and crystals.

In addition to the Signature Crandipity Necklace, I created a Traditional look consisting of single 10mm wire-wrapped on Sterling Silver Figure Eight chain.

Due to their popularity, I also re-created the Crandipity Drop Earrings:

I’ve created yet another design with Garnet Gems to share with you. The second collection is a combination of January’s Garnet and Valentine’s Day. Red and hearts always seem to look so good together.

The Valentina Necklace, ending with yes, an “A” to add a hint of femininity, was created using hand-cut Garnet Gems in 3-4mm in size. You can see that hand-cut gems are slightly irregular adding a bit of intrigue.
To accompany the Garnet stones, I used beautiful Iceflake Quartz Crystals, appropriate for the winter season I thought.

The open-heart pewter pendant is a-symmetrical in style, which is why I decided to continue the irregular theme by tilting the bead placement; it adds to the dramatic affect this delicate necklace.
Accompanying the Valentina Necklace is Valentina earrings in both Garnet and Iceflake Quartz Crystals. The Garnet style, named for its look, Raspberry, consists of cascading Garnets clusters.

Valentina Ice Earrings have a similar look:

You will soon begin to see my shop populating with these Garnet designs for January.

With next month being February, perhaps a few Amethyst designs will soon follow!

A very happy new year to you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into a New Year

'Tis a new year full of possibilities.  2010 was a good year.  It was a year of learning among other things for me.  I believe I am poised well to start off this 2011.

This morning I awoke to an array of harmonized handmade.  Amy Busch aka Sunshine Girl created this compilation on Etsy:

Amy's own one of a kind accessories and decorations made of felt are available in her shop: Soleil Girl

Featured alongside the Hope Keepsake Gift Box from la Naváa are peacefully hued creations from fellow artisans on Etsy.

The romantic Baby Blue Lace Cuffs (on sale now) were made by Mariana and Paula, of Branda.  Incredibly enough, Branda's creations are made "by eye" instead of patterns.  This technique was taught to Mariana and Paula by their grandmother when they were children.  Quite remarkable I'd say.

I'd also like to say that quite a remarkable year is ahead, hopefully for all.  As for la Naváa, many new things coming, new shops and promotions.  This week I'll be announcing January's contest... yes, monthly contests for 2011!

And... birthstone jewelry!  I have a number of Garnet styles currently on my creation table. 

I wish everyone joy in the new year.  May many new and wonderful things come.