Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easter Cupcake!

easter cupcake, originally uploaded by scrumptiousdelight.
LOL! This is awesome. Found these fluffy friends pictured on a Flickr contact's page: scrumptiousdelight.

"Plush easter cupcake with a marshmallow bunny on top.
About 5.5" tall... 8"including the marshmallow bunny"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


aww, originally uploaded by la Naváa.

My boyfriend, Adrian, brought me flowers one morning. He picked them from our field.

So very pretty, and so very cute of him.


Sunshine After Darkness

A compilation of handmade art and adornable treasures both vintage and new. Sunshine After Darkness is what Nangijala Jewelry call her happy ever after Treasury on Etsy.

Nangijala states she’s in business of making people happy, and she’s done just that by curating this mood elevating ansoble of sunshine and joy!

Much from la Naváa!

Featured in Nangijala’s treasury is la Naváa’s Double Heart Keepsake boxes in yellow, black and white.

Spread the handmade ♥!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

25% Off S-a-l-e-bration!

Congratulations Facebook Fans! You did it! la Naváa’s Facebook page reached 100 fans recently, so as promised, we’re celebrating with 25% off!

Here’s how to save:

1.  Shop la Naváa on Etsy.

2.  Upon checking out, enter “happy100” into the Notes to Seller section.

3.  Once your order is processed, I will refund the 25% purchase price back to your card.

4.  Then, your new la Naváa loves will be shipped right to you!

Click here to shop la Naváa now!

The 25% Off Sale offer runs until October 3rd, 2010, excludes custom designs. 

With 25% off for 100 fans, what shall we do for 500? Suggest la Naváa to your Facebook friends and find out!


A Passion for Purple by IndigoDaisyWeddings

Penni of IndigoDaisyWeddings on Etsy created this gorgeous purple themed treasury.  Lilac, Amathyst and Indigo colors abound in beads, crystals and frabrics.

Lovely colors and materials make up this stunning Treasury on  Many thanks to IndigoDaisyWeddings!

The Flirty Purple Earrings from la Naváa were featured alongside these wonderful handmade items.  They are made with two puffy coin-shaped Mother of Pearl beads. They are looped together using Sterling Silver wire.  You can find them, and more details in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

I have to start out with wow! It’s been crazy-busy lately. Well, actually this whole summer. Now that summer is over (which I have yet to accept) the craziness is carrying on into fall!

There’s been a lot on my plate that has taken me away from my passion; la Naváa. Both good things and no so good things have come about.

One good thing is that I’m back as Studio 213, as reported in an earlier blog. I’ve been making gift boxes like a mad women lately to fill my booth. I have a ton of ideas and themes rolling around in my head, but just not enough time to put them into creation.

Whenever I plan ahead a block of time to work on my projects, something always seems to come up. Housework, family, friends, work, etc; many things I cannot and would not put off. So I’m afraid the thing that suffers is my love, la Naváa. My heart aches a little. *tear*

Also with a saddened heart, I report that there was a death in my family recently. My Grandfather, who was in many ways like a father to me, passed away after a long battle with cancer. We weren’t aware he had been fighting cancer until just weeks before his death. The impact Grandpa had on our family was great, as we have such a small little family. I can say that his death has revealed a number of things to me; what I take away is strength. I thank the Lord everyday for the wonderful souls he has put in my life, and thank Him for the short time I’ve had with the ones he’s taken back.

We found so many wonderful pictures of Grandpa, from little on. I have stacks of pictures that I’d love to scan and create an online album for my family, and for me. Pictures, to me, are like a documentary of ones life; they are so meaningful and powerful. I’m also in the process of writing a blog about my grandpa’s life. We is a war hero, and my own personal hero. I would love to honor him somehow.

So many things, so little time. As for la Naváa, my focus these past months has been on my gift boxes. Originally, I started creating them as a little something special to accompany a newly purchased la Naváa jewelry piece. Speaking of which, it has been weeks since I made a single piece of jewelry! I’m hoping with the dull and drab months of winter approaching, I can change that. I have masses of new beads just waiting to be laced, wrapped, or strung.

With as busy as my life is right now, I cannot image what life would be like with children... How do you moms do it!? While I slightly fear those days, I am more excited for them to come. I need to find order in my already chaotic life before I enter the realm of motherhood. Good luck, right?!

Like I stated previously about the power of pictures, I know how important pictures are for the online artisan world. Good pictures that is. If I cannot take what I consider a quality pictures, I’m not going to do, let alone post it for the world to see. It’s quite possible my dear la Naváa Lovers that you may not see too many pictures in the next coming weeks. My time with the sun, the ultimate light, is limited; shorter days here in Wisconsin and my work schedule certainly is not helping. However, I’m hoping to have an indoor photography set-up soon with the help of a few more sales. Then I can share my new creations with you almost instantly!

They say “Good things come to those who wait.” Oh, how I wish patience was a virtue I posses! I hoping you will have patience with me la Naváa Lovers. Good things to come; I promise.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creamsicles for Fall

Amanda of littlebeanshop has a passion for digital creations. She also has a passion for handpicking treasures.

littlebeanshop’s “Creamsicles for Fall” treasury is full of flavor! Bursts of orange, ginger, peach and carroty goodness! Mmm…

Featured in this full flavored treasury, is la Naváa’s Dreamsicle gift box. Its orange sherbet-like look is right at home in this tasty treasury!
Much ♥ to you littlebeanshop!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back at 213

My designs are back at Studio 213.  Located on the Avenue (College) in downtown Appleton; that's where you'll find this little gem of a shop.

You'll be greeted by one of a kind hand painted carousel animals, murals, pottery, jewelry and more.  Truly a wonderful place to get an early start to your gift shopping for the holidays. 

Among this array of mixed media, you will find la Naváa's newest line!  Opposite the cash register and Cherie, you'll find a limited selection of my new Keepsake gift boxes; most new and never been seen!

A number of different styles and colors of la Naváa Gift Boxes are displayed together with the amazing Crimson Sky jewelry, by Kate Stelow.

I hope you will stop by, tell Cherie "hi" and check out the newest edition to la Naváa.