Monday, December 13, 2010

'10 Holiday Gift Giving List :: #6

The nature lover in me comes out with my #6 pick for the la Naváa '10 Holiday Gift Giving List.  Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I've become accoustomed to the lush green beauty that engulfs the area during the summer.  But since we just had a blizzard this weekend, over a foot of snow fell, I find myself missing summer's rich foliage...

Which brought me to blithegardens mini woodland creations: Moss Terrarium Kits.  This handblown glass orb terrarium kit was recently listed in blithegardens Etsy shop, and probably won't be around for long.  These terrarium Kits were featured on Good Morning America and are selling every day!

Filled with a variety of greens, these terrariums are perfect for your garden loving friends.  Give 'em a little green to brighten the dull winter season.

Only 4 for gift ideas remaining!  Be sure to submit your recommendation/creation before the '10 Holiday Gift Giving List concludes!

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