Tuesday, November 30, 2010

’10 Holiday Gift Giving List :: #1

Keep your best girl warm this winter with these handknit Fingerless Mittens! These are just one of Bysweetmom’s wool gloves on Etsy (these happen to be my favorite).

I’m naming these hand warmers as the first on la Naváa's ’10 Holiday Gift Giving List. Perfect for the cold season to come!

Bysweetmom’s shop is a collection of family creations; the shop name inspired by who else… their sweet mom! How adorable is that… and how adorable are their knit and crocheted fashionable designs.

Another fav of mine is this boho chic crocheted poncho! I absolutely am in love with the pink colored Afghan motifs.

A fun little tidbit... bysweetmom is offering 10% off their shop until tomorrow, Dec 1st with coupon code:

Seriously, how much better can it get!?

Thanks bysweetmom for your super stellar handmade creations! 

Much !


  1. Beautiful knit items! I love the fingerless gloves. So much easier to function in than those which cover the fingers!!!

  2. Wonderful post about "bysweetmom" shop! Great, unique and truly original creations!
    Love that blog post!!!! Thanks for sharing :)