Sunday, May 2, 2010

la Naváa's Facebook page turns 100?

Sure hope so! I created the la Naváa Fan page on Facebook a few months ago, but until I started posting my new jewelry items on Etsy, the Fan page wasn't that active. A few of my dear friends signed up as fans after I added some jewelry pix to an album on my personal Facebook page. And because they are so awesome, some of their friends signed up as la Naváa fans as well!

I feel like the Facebook Fan page will be very helpful in communicating important la Naváa info,
like new items, sales, etc. Hopefully others will feel the same and it will grow...

I'm aspiring for 100 fans this month, and when we reach that I think we should celebrate with 25% off! Sounds like a good idea, right? I think so too.

Here we go, on to 100!

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