Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Genie!

Over Memorial Day weekend, my mom, my Grandma and I took a little trip to Montello.  We set out to visit my Great Uncle Genie; it was his birthday.
It was a much anticipated trip for the last time my mother and I saw Genie was at my Great Grandmother’s funeral… nearly a year ago to date.

As we entered the nursing home room, we found what as a somberly familiar sight, Genie lying in his bed sleeping.  Seeing Genie lay in his bed brought back the memory of seeing my Grandfather for the last time before his passing last Labor Day.  There is a striking family resemblance throughout the four brothers, Les (my Grandpa), Genie, Cliff and Jack.  This took us aback for a moment.

We decided to let Genie rest, after all you don’t mess with a Mountford man as he sleeps.  The three of us girls took advantage of the afternoon sun and drove around the countryside delivering flowers to their respective graves. 

For me it was a rather enlightening voyage.  We visited the Methodist Cemetery in Moundville to place flowers on the grave of the Great Grandfather, William.  While walking through the tombstones, my Grandmother brought us to other members of our family, including Anna Mountford, or as my mom grew up calling her Grandma Hoppy (Hoppwood).

After our memorial trip we returned back in Genie.  This time he was wide awake, and with company.  His old and dear neighbors stopped in, as their grandson had just finished his graduation ceremony at the high school across the street.

It was wonderful to see Genie again.  We were all so happy to speak with him, and find him in such good humor; I think he especially liked the traditional happy birthday serenade!  We shared birthday cake and stories of yesteryear.  It was truly a blessing to reconnect with family.

What a wonderful “Memorial” day I had.

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  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy GENIE!
    Neat post... brought warmth and a smile to my heart.