Monday, May 16, 2011

Against the Grain

This natural masterpiece has such organic texture to it.  I personally, am for the grain.  ;)

'against the grain' by bmuse27

















Beth, of bmuse27 on Etsy, has put together this lovely collection which includes this piece from my Cinnamon Roll Collection.

These earrings are made of wooden gogo beads, of which the grain is very evident.  Truly a compliment for the naturalist or boho chic at heart.

I loved the look of this design, so I created a full collection featuring the "cinnamon roll" look.  The collection includes two earring styles and a matching necklace.

The full Cinnamon Roll Collection may be found in my jewelry, as well as other wooden creations.

Many thanks to Beth for featuring my earrings in your collection!

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