Monday, February 28, 2011

The Grandiose Tiger Eye Gem Collection

Tiger Eye is a well loved gemstone by many.  Its colors are extremely versatile and the stone itself is very strong and dense.

The vertical luminescent yellow and brown alternating bands that resemble that of a tiger give this Quartz stone the name: Tiger Eye.

I recently put together a Tiger Eye collection called Tigre d’olive. I came across the most beautiful Tiger Eye Gemstones through a friend of my mother’s. This truly grandiose assortment gems consisted of the most extravagant faceted nuggets and colossally lustrous Tiger Eye beads I’ve ever seen!

Being so thrilled to work with them, I instantly began pairing them with beads and baubles. I came up with this Feline Fatal combination that compliments each other greatly.
The Tigre d’olive line consists of a dynamic combination of Tiger Eye Gems and exquisite Cats Eye beads. I find it interesting that Roman solders used to wear Tiger Eye as protection when in battle believing that it was "all seeing." I suppose this intermingled duo I created would have been sought after by the greatest of kingdoms... :)

The strong and striking Tigre d’olive collection is not for the faint of heart!

Find the full line including Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings my Jewelry Shop on Etsy.


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