Thursday, October 21, 2010

A new Etsy Banner?

I've been meaning to create a new banner for my Etsy shop for a while.  I finally got around to making one. 

It's really simple; I actually used the Etsy Banner Generater to start, and threw in a few extra touches to make it more my own.  Certainly not the final project, but enough to change it up for a bit.

So I'm wondering, where or how other Etsians go to find and create their banners?  There are some GREAT ones out there.  ZoeTropa of Etsy has a simple but fun banner.  SnuggleBebe has an absolutely adorable banner that fits her baby boutique quite well.  Incorperating your work in your shops banner is the way to be I think; see photographer ShannonLeighStudios banner.

Sometimes I'd love to be my own little graphic designer, but that's not where my business is taking me... yet.  ;)

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