Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall(ing) in love with Raceytay

Raceytay, a passionate photographer and fellow Etsian, recently created a fantabulous treasury.

Tracey has said "I don't take photographs, I make photographs."  Well Tracey, I'd say you have quite the eye, not only are your photographs stellar, your treasuries are too.

la Naváa was lucky enough to be included included in this dreamy collection.  The Annica Necklace made with Iolite Gems added to the mesmerizing effect.  After all, Iolite is believed to be the gemstone of happiness and joy; that was certainly accomplished by Tracey.

 Much ♥ to you Raceytay!

Here's a tiny taste of Raceytay's astonishing art:


  1. Oh wow, Meg! Thank you. This is so sweet. That was such a fun treasury to make and your necklace was perfect for it. I'm truly touched. Thank you :)

  2. Congrats Megan! Beautiful necklace in a beautiful treasury! Raceytay is one of my favorite Etsy photographers. Love her work!

  3. Oh wow that treasury and her art are very beautiful!